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Keyring Uffington Keyring Uffington - 70 points

Supplied courtesy of

Handcrafted solid wood sycamore keyring with pyrographed Uffington design by bod. 

Size: ~ 70mm x 27mm x 4mm





Ankh of Life Charm -  90 points

Ankh of Life Charm

.925 Sterling Silver

Size .5 inches high x .25 inches wide

One sided charm

The ankh of life is an Egyptian symbol for life and being full of life. Embrace the gift of physical existence with the Ankh! A subtle show of Pagan traditions for purse, pocket or rearview mirror.


Keyring Celtic Knot Keyring Celtic Knot - 90 points

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Handcrafted solid wood sycamore keyring with pyrographed Bowman design by bod. 

Size: ~ 70mm x 50mm x 4mm




Secrets of Aboriginal Healing -  100 points

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing
In 1983 award-winning physicist Gary Holz was diagnosed with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. By 1988 he was a quadriplegic. Then, in 1994, his doctors told him he had two years to live. Desperate and depressed, he followed a synchronistic suggestion and went to Australia to live with a remote Aboriginal tribe. Arriving in a wheelchair, alone, with almost no feeling left from the neck down, Holz embarked on a remarkable healing transformation of body, mind, and spirit and discovered his own gift for healing others. 
Written at the request of the Aboriginal healers Holz worked with, this book reveals the beliefs and principles of the 60,000-year-old healing system of the Aborigines of Australia, the world’s oldest continuous culture. Chronicling the step-by-step process that led to his miraculous recovery, he explains the role played by thought in the creation of health or disease and details the five essential steps in the Aboriginal healing process. He explores the use of dreamtime, spirit guides, and telepathy to discover and reprogram the subconscious motivations behind illness--a process that enacts healing at the cellular and the soul level, where the root of physical illness is found. 
Supported by modern science, including quantum physics, Aboriginal medicine enables each of us to tap in to healing support through the power of the body/mind/spirit connection.
Product Details: Paperback, 128 pages

Innana Ishtar Sumerian Goddess Pendant -  130 points

Innana Ishtar Sumerian Goddess Pendant

Inanna / Ishtar, Ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love and Fertility

Inanna is the name of the ancient Sumerian Goddess that later came to be known as Ishtar by the Akkadians and Babylonians.  She is the personification of the Planet Venus: as the Morning Star She is the Goddess of Battle and Protection and as the Evening Star She is the Queen of all Pleasure and Desire. Inanna is a powerful Goddess of love and fertility as well as protection and wealth. The story of Her fearless decent into the Underworld is the oldest religious text in the world dating perhaps as far back as 2,500 BCE.

Inanna's temples were wonders of the ancient world and the Ishtar Gate still stands in tribute to Her lasting power. This delicate pendant reveals Her draped in sensuous apparel and wearing the shugurra crown. Portrayed in a symbolic posture offering the milk of Her breasts, She is seated upon Her sacred lion and is holding the Evening Star.

This delicate pendant measures 1-1/8 inches tall by ½ inch wide (not including the loop and bale) yet it has amazing detail. It is available in Nebula, the wonderful new hypoallergenic metal. It is lightly hand painted with black in contrast to the bright metal, revealing the exquisite detail of the design.

Ashera Semitic Goddess Pendant -  180 points

Ashera Semitic Goddess Pendant

Silver Finish

Lead-free, hypoallergenic pewter like metal that shines like sterling. The little Goddess in a breast offering pose, signifying nurturing and healthy nourishment.

Asherah, often represented as a tree, was the ruling queen of the Semitic pantheon. Her "Tree of Knowledge" bore fruit not only to feed the body, but also to nourish the spirit.


The Rough Guide to Tutankhamun: The King. The Treasure. The Dynasty, By Michael Haag - 200 points

Nuestra Misión

Ancient Origins pretende descubrir e investigar lo que creemos representa la parte más importante de los conocimientos que podemos lograr como seres humanos: nuestros orígenes.

Si bien hay quien podría pensar que poseemos ya un conocimiento profundo sobre el tema, pensamos que aún existen infinidad de enigmas y misterios que necesitan ser estudiados.

Por lo tanto, alentamos a una comunidad abierta dedicada a la investigación, la comprensión y explicación de los orígenes de la vida de nuestra especie en el planeta Tierra: organizamos, apoyamos y también financiamos los esfuerzos que van en esta dirección.

Nuestro objetivo es ir más allá de las teorías, y presentando una evaluación precisa de la investigación actual, resaltamos y ofrecemos puntos de vista alternativos a las declaraciones de la ciencia y arqueología convencionales.

Embárcate con nosotros en un viaje para explorar civilizaciones perdidas en el tiempo, antiguos lugares y hallazgos y misterios científicos inexplicables, mientras reconstruimos conjuntamente la historia de nuestros orígenes.